Current state of 8v8(Unbalanced groups per realm)
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Thema: Current state of 8v8(Unbalanced groups per realm)

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    Standard Current state of 8v8(Unbalanced groups per realm)

    Mainly directed to any of the people who currently play in the hib 8v8 groups(WC/KF/Italian group/Gwal pugs/ Faxo groups...)

    Somewhat of a gripe/question over what I've been noticing lately about 8v8. I started making groups over the past 3 weeks on Sunday/Monday euro hours.

    What I'm noticing is an asburd amount of hib groups, and a complete lack of any mid/alb groups. I've been forming on mid/alb lately, not by choice, but because it's the only way to get 8v8 on agramon. Typically it's been 3-5+ hib groups with only 1 group on alb/mid, and somtimes my group is the only non-hib group.

    Which does give us plenty of fights, but the problem is Hib has always been a harder realm to 8v8 on. You really need to have a better group of people on hib, to beat groups on mid/alb. Even though I do believe the gap between mid and hib groups is a lot closer today. Albion is still by far the easiest realm for 8v8.

    What I don't understand is why. Why are there 4-5 hib groups continually forming on hib, knowing there is only going to be 1-2 groups for them to fight. I can only imagine the amount of time spent waiting your turn to get the next fight, and hoping the hib group currently fighting does not win.

    The other thing is, and I really mean no offense. All of these hib groups that are currently running, are not that great. I've fought them all on both mid and alb, and we haven't lost a single fight to any of them. Most often not even having to use a single RA ability, and fights lasting under 2 minutes. I am in no way bragging about this, it's most annoying.

    I know this is a problem, because some of the hib groups I talk to. Tell me they assume to go mainland, knowing agramon is not generating much action anymore. The issue is simple, practically everyone who runs an 8man, is forming hib.

    If you take the number of groups and split them evenly over hib/mid/alb, it would easily generate 2-3 groups on every realm. The game is 10+years old now, there should be no reason of being stuck to 1 realm. I ALWAYS form to the realm that gets us the most action/best fights.

    This is the lowest point I've ever seen euro at, but yet it could be at least decent again if groups would just spread out on the appropriate realms.

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    the real problem is people who comes from europe mostly german have friends who play many jears together and they play daoc only to have friends not to be the best one . so how you say the game is 10+ jears old and a very small group of people know the real 8v8 on agra who was it years ago . mostly people think agra 8v8 .. no we dont want a punsh in face . we searched a hour or two to get a group , i leech with 16 or this things .
    but i dont want to explaine you the problem , i´m also worry about such rvr situation . no single warrior anymore , and if you hit a lonly enemy anyone add the fight . i hope you can understand my very poor english ..
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    We run an Alb group from monday til thursday , it really depends on the days u play, yesterday was awful, found no inc on agra and all the hib grps used to run in add range in the zerg area.

    So see u on mondays sir.
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    That's the other thing I was wondering about. Are there just more mid/alb groups that run during monday-Friday that do not play Sundays?
    Mondays, unfortunately are a rarity for me to be on for. Unless it is a holiday or sick day, Sunday is the only day I can be on during euro hours.
    So I guess I would encourage your group, and any other group to try and make sunday a regular part of your 8v8 week. I will always have a group out that's going to be worth a fight. I of course form the group, so if I am not on, you generally don't see the people I group with. Lately my groups are a mix of Farmi/Dacat/Moha/Jiro and some of my Trapcard people. I have a pool of about 12 people I jump between, depending on who's available.

    I would highly advise any group to make their best efforts to play Sunday. I am essentially a US group, taking full advantage of the 1 euro day I can be on for. I would love to see Sunday become one of the big 8v8 days again. Which is perhaps the reason for this unbalanced number of hib groups out on Sundays, In either scenario I just wish there was more mid and alb groups available to fight on Sunday.

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    As I already told you my group is currently on hold because of Diablo 3.
    And besides of that, we are missing 2-3 people like our minstrel, who quit and our merc of course.
    In the current state of the game with so few people left to play good rvr, it is impossible to replace such an important slot like the minstrel or the theurgist.
    I know i could form a pool to get a grp rdy but what do you do when the players from the pool quit the game aswell?
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    Ya, unfortunately that is a terrible situation. Like I said you was the only alb group we ever saw, and that was just for 1 day sadly. There is no good solution to your problem, in a game like this. I would not be forming either if I was in a similar situation, I'm just fortunate enough to have the option of pulling from 2 groups of people(Trapcard, and Farmi's) which consist of players I trust in 8v8.

    I really am sad your situation is so, you've been an alb group we've always gotten fights with over the past months-year. Need a return of the Sunday groups!

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