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    Standard [Video] duo thane/healer #3

    Hi all,

    Please find below my new vid I just made with pov I had on my computer before my quit.

    Hope you'll enjoy, I put some efforts on the editing part.
    Also I would like to thanks @Obelisk for his help on editing side. Thanks buddy.

    I hope you'll enjoy one of my last daoc vid.

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    well played mate! i like your vids.
    but why "one of my last" ?
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    Zitat Zitat von Kalgi Beitrag anzeigen
    well played mate! i like your vids.
    but why "one of my last" ?
    My accounts are closed and I'll not resub in the comin month.
    I'll come back I guess but not for now.

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    I really like your vids, too, i hope you come back soon for new stuff

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    hes back
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